Body Kind Festival 3rd-4th May 2019

Ground-breaking festival of body acceptance comes to Devon.

A celebration honouring bodies in their various forms, with inspirational speakers, social media stars, comedy, theatre, art, workshops and dance generating a huge buzz online.

Taking place at the Civic Hall in Totnes, on 3rd and 4th May 2019.

The brainchild of midwife Dinah Gibbons who noticed that “Every day I witnessed bodies performing absolute miracles, but what I heard from women was distress and disappointment… things like “when is my body going to get back to normal? I hate my stretch marks, my body has failed… ”.

She had an impulse to investigate why judgement of our own bodies is so normal, who profits from internalised body hatred, and to challenge the marginalisation of certain bodies.

The festival of body acceptance has caught the imagination of campaigners, comedians, artists, musicians, film makers, crafters and cake-bakers in an atmosphere which is fun, celebratory and enquiring.

The inimitable Miss Glory Pearl aka The Naked Stand-up hosts an evening of comedy and cabaret on Friday 3rd May

A variety box of incredible speakers, workshops, art, making and playing is order of the day on Saturday 4th May

The glorious line-up includes:
* instagram sensation (and recent interviewee of Russell Brand) author Bodyposipanda (aka Megan Jayne Crabbe), topping 1 million followers on Instagram.
* the ‘internet’s big sister’ Grace Victory,
* body positive warrior Bopo-Boy,
* headmistress of The School of Strut, Zoe McNulty,
* double-amputee dancer and TV presenter Kat Hawkins,
* awesome identical twins Max and Maya who set up the wonderful Proud2Be to confront shame and stigma affecting the LGBTQ+ community.

This unique festival ends with a dance extravaganza including a Strutting masterclass and celebrated DJs on the night of Saturday 4th May.

Bodykind looks on the outside like a cute and quirky local festival, but its aims are revolutionary, building a kinder, brighter more inclusive future. Grassroots and non-profit, pricing is on a sliding scale to suit every pocket.

Dinah Gibbons works with psychotherapist Susie Orbach (author of ‘Fat is a Feminist Issue’, ‘Bodies’, BBC series ‘In Therapy’, Guardian columnist) to run workshops for student midwives on body image and disordered eating.

Dinah is available for TV, radio and print interviews.
Contact details:
On Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @bodykindfestival

A couple of quotes from the last festival:
“Bodykind has had a bigger impact on my body positivity than any therapist, counselling, medication, or mindfulness ever has”

“8 months into recovery from anorexia/bulimia I sat, I watched, I heard… it was a triumph of love, compassion and togetherness”

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