On Saturday 21 April at 10am Hannahs is launching a week of World War 1 commemorative events at Seale-Hayne with a weekend of wartime re-enactments and the opening of an historic exhibition. The events are to celebrate the centenary of the opening of the Seale-Hayne Military Hospital.

Saturday morning sees the start of a spectacular History in Action weekend. This will be an action-packed weekend with a variety of WW1 re-enactments when visitors can experience living history in the quad at Seale-Hayne. A dedicated group of re-enactors dressed as soldiers will create a mock trench, complete with sandbags, guns and barbed wire. Visitors will also get to see life behind the trench with a mock first aid post, kitchen and living area.

Martin Hurst, grandson of the renowned neurologist and physician Sir Arthur Hurst, will be opening the Healing of the Mind exhibition (April 21-28). Sir Arthur Hurst was in charge of Seale-Hayne Neurological Military Hospital during the First World War and used completely innovative and ground-breaking methods to cure shell shock patients. His work is the focus of the exhibition which will feature old photos, films and documents from that time showing the remarkable work by Hurst and his colleagues and will tell the stories of the eleven men whose descendants have recently been discovered.

April 21-22 History in Action weekend
April 21-28 Healing of the Mind exhibition
Free entry. Open 10am-4pm.

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