Interview: Jay C

jay1Jay C is a Torquay based rapper and freestyler who has just launched his debut album produced by Relegate Records.  Jay had a few minutes to spare out of his hectic and non stop schedule to answer a few questions by Gary Vine,  which provides a great insight into his aspirations into being a successful and well noticed rapper.

You’ve been rapping since 15 years old? How did if all start?

I started off just freestyling with a friend shortly after moving back to Ipswich from Devon. I had wrote the odd set of lyrics here and there but i didn’t take it too serious. I went to a house party with my brother where he introduced me to a rapper/producer called Mr Woods who was part of a group called Battle Scars, after about a month I got the opportunity to feature on a few of their tracks and the experience made me start to take witting lyrics a lot more seriously.

What made you decide “Rap” was your type of music?

I went through stages of liking different types of music more than others particularly Indie and Rap. When I was 14 I started taking guitar lessons for about a year but I struggled to get into it. To this day I still listen to some Indie music but as I grew older I started to listento more and more rap, hip hop and R’n’B. So I started to write the odd lyric here and there and the more I started to write it soon became clear that writing lyrics and rap music was the thing I wanted to do.

What’s it like working with Relegate Records?

Demanding (laughing out loud) , but I believe in the work we are trying to achieve. You no the old saying “the more you put in the more you get out” and the progression the label has made within the past year is evident where ever we go in the bay.

Your debut album “Letting Them Know” was release on 24th November 2008. Have you achieved your goals through the launch of your debut album?

My expectations weren’t too high as it’s my first album and the current state of the economy is making it harder for Independent record labels to push their projects forward but I believe that no matter how well you do, you can  always do better by pushing yourself that extra mile. We still have plans in action to promote the album but as you may know no one makes it big from their first ever album.

Please provide some more information on how you put the album together?jay_c2

We weren’t 100% aware at the time we were making an album it just kind of fell together after about 8/9 months of solid recording. After Relegate Records became official we realised that we had to start making some money so we picked the best 10 tracks we had done and went from their.

What is your favourite song on this album?

Mummy’s boy by far! I got a few other’s I really like but Mummy’s  boy  the realist track I’ve done.

Does any of your music have any reflection on your life?

Apart from Mummy’s boy and playa 4 life (Jay laughs out loud!) no not really, but this is something I have been working on in new material some of  which will be released quite soon, so keep an eye on for the new singles.

­­­Have you any gigs coming up soon?

Yeah, I have a gig coming up at liquid bar in Paignton on 30th April. I had a gig there in November last year and the night was such a success that the Manager asked the label if I could come back again. I’ve also got a few more gig’s coming up soon but they are yet to be confirmed, I’ll keep everyone informed through the website so keep an eye out.

Do you enjoy the audience atmosphere?

Of course, what true artiste doesn’t like the buzz of a crowd watching you on stage, I’m still growing as an artist so it’s a nice feeling when I see the crowd respond to one of my tunes.

What’s your favourite type of audience? (i.e. pub, club, mini arena, etc)

I’ll get back to you on that one when I’ve performed in a mini arena (Jay laughs)…. so I’d have to say in a club. I do like the atmosphere club crowds bring to the gig but playing in a mini arena is on a different level, I’d love to have the opportunity but we’ll have to see what the future holds.

Every artist whether signed or unsigned have had unexpected encounters on the stage. Can you recall an unexpected encounter on stage that wasn’t suppose to happen?

Yeah, their was a incident at a festival I was performing at last year, where as we were in the middle of the chorus on our main track the needle on the turntable skipped ahead a little and confused the crowd and myself but luckily it didn’t skip to far so I was able to salvage the performance, Touch wood their will be no more in the near future.

Have you got any future album or single releases coming soon?

Like I said earlier I have a few singles coming out in the next month or so and there’s plan’s to bring out another CD around April/May time. I wont be looking to release another album for about a year or so but there will be plenty of fresh new material to look forward to.

Would you like to be profiled as a world class musician?

Who wouldn’t? If I was considered a worldclass musician I’d be grateful that my talent has been recognised to that extent and that my voice has been heard all around the world.

Have you ever considered auditioning for reality programs for shows like X Factor?

I can appreciate the talent of some of the contestants, some of them have amazing voices and without shows like X factor they might never have been heard and given the to shine. But until Simon Cowell comes up with a rap factor I don’t think you’ll be seeing Jay C on an episode of X factor any time soon.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

I would like to have made considerable amount of progress with my music and hopefully have a good reputation throughout the UK as an established artist. I would like to have performed at some big festivals like Glastonbury, maybe to have collaborated with a big artist or producer and have a single in the charts. And ideally not living with my mum and step dad……

The debut album from Jay C is available to download from Relegate Records at The album titled “Letting Them Know” which is a landmark in Jay C’s rap career and is the cornerstone of the DSW (dirty southwest) movement which is taking the southwest by storm.

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