Luck of Birth – Fundraising Campaign

12657212_1941670729392151_4532833369713428405_oWe’re raising ¬£4,000 to Fund an aid drive to the Greek island of Lesbos because we believe they need our support

We have recently delivered a caravan to the Calais camp known as the Jungle, since returning we have been haunted by the refugees and their plight. We have a plan to get two 4WD vehicle to Lesbos to support the work of the volunteers there. On the way we will deliver two donated caravans to the camps at Calais and Dunkirk. We will re stock in Calais from the distribution warehouse before continuing on to the camps in Macedonia. From there we will head to our final destination Greece.

We care about this because it is only by luck of birth that we are here in our safe homes and not running from persecution and war. The stories from the people in the camps haunts us, especially the families who have lost children in their desperate travels, we are parents and cannot begin to comprehend the terror they must have faced to risk their children’s lives. We want to try to help this humanitarian crisis and give these people hope.

We will purchase two 4WD vehicles, specific aid required – for example tarpaulins for shelters, heaters, LED torches (last a long time and are cheap) and we will use some of the money to pay for fuel and ferry’s. All the money will go directly to the refugees and/or the people supporting them. The cars will be left in Greece and given to the volunteers there for continued front line work. We also have a specific request for a jet ski, for sea rescue but I’m not sure if we’ll be able to raise….

We will post the full story once the trip is completed, and updates along the way. So as those supporting this trip can be a part of it.

To find out more and support this amazing cause please give generously and click on the links below

Email Address which is also linked to paypal where we can receive donations

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