Patrick the Pony – Pony Therapy

Community Pony C.I.C

We are a charitable organization providing support in the community with pony therapy. Pony therapy has been known to reduce blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health. It can help release endorphins that provide calming effects, this can help alleviate pain, reduce stress, anxiety and improve overall psychological state.

Help Our Cause:

Your support and donations will help us to support those in need. Your kindness and generosity will allow us to improve and save lives, by allowing us to provide vital equine therapy to those in need, if you wish to donate or find out more please visit our website

Visits To Care Homes, Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centres and more:

Patrick The Pony is a very special pony, he has a lovely temperament and is very well known for being a celebrity pony after going in Newspapers all over the world for helping many during Covid-19 Lockdown, with videos. He would love to come and meet those in need and help them to feel special too. During his visits residents and patients alike may want to stroke Patrick and enjoy spending time with him reminiscing and talking with him.


C.I.C number: 13370273

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