Wille and the Bandits – New Album

The new album “STEAL” is the strongest sounding album yet from Wille and the Bandits.

With three previous self-released albums, “New Breed” (2010), “Breakfree” (2012) and “Grow” (2013), the band have been building a reputation throughout the UK and Europe as one of the best live acts around, playing over 200 gigs a year.

Among the artists they have shared festival stages with are Joe Bonamassa, Deep Purple, JJ Grey, Beth Hart and Wilko Johnson.

The UK trio’s socially aware lyrics and multi-instrumentation makes for the most original and refreshing sound heard in years.

Now signed to the Jigsaw label, the new album “STEAL” was produced and engineered by Dave Williams at The Grange Studios in Norfolk. It was tracked to analogue tape with the band live on the floor and without the use of any digital tools.

The album sees the band deliver all the excitement and power of their electrifying live performances, while mixing it up with dynamic music choices, from hard to soft, electric to acoustic, a music roller coaster seldom achieved by recording artists these days.

The band of Wille Edwards (Lead Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Electric Lap Steel, Weissenhorn and Dobro), Matt Brooks (Six String Electric Bass, Five String Double Bass, String Arrangements and Backing Vocals) and Andy Naumann (Drums and Percussion) are joined by Don Airey from Deep Purple (Hammond/Keyboards) for three tracks on the album.

In support of the new album, the band will be touring the UK & Europe throughout 2017.
In April they will be touring Australia, New Zealand and India.



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